Thursday, January 30, 2014

New This Week (1/30/14)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 (PG)
Inventor Flint Lockwook thought he saved the world when he destroyed his most infamous invention--a machine that turned water into food. But Flint soon learns that his invention survived and is now combining food and animals to create "foodimals!" Flint and his friends embark on a mission to battle foodimals to save the world--again!

DCI Banks: Aftermath (NR)
Chief Inspector Alan Banks and Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot star in this chilling crime story based on the novel. A young woman is unconscious, while her husband is hiding in the cellar, ready to wield a knife at anyone who tries to enter and desperate to protect his secret. What happens next leaves one of the officers dead, the other fighting for her career and Banks with a chilling murder investigation that will test him to the limit. 

Downton Abbey Season 4 (NR)
Set in 1922, six months after Matthew's death, Mary struggles to face a new future with her fatherless child. Mary also finds herself the reluctant object of attention from a number of eager suitors. Rose's continued attraction to the bright lights of London spells trouble, and Edith's budding relationship with Michael Gregson is threatened. Meanwhile, below stairs, passions run high and young hearts look set to be broken.

The Fifth Estate (R)
Based on true events, this fast-paced global thriller takes you behind the shocking headlines. It reveals the mission of Wikileaks' rebel founder to expose fraud and corruption to the world.

Kick-Ass 2 (R)
Kick-Ass and Hit Girl try to return to life as "normal" teenagers, but soon they are faced with their deadliest challenge yet. To seek revenge for his father's death, Red Mist has re-invented himself as the leader of an evil league of super-villains. To defeat their new nemesis, Kick-Ass and Hit Girl must team up with a new wave of masked crusaders, led by the badass Colonel Stars and Stripes, in this battle of real-life villains and heroes.

Last Vegas (PG-13)
When the group's sworn bachelor finally proposes to his girlfriend, the four friends head to Las Vegas with a plan to relive their glory days. However, upon arriving, the four quickly realize that the decades have transformed Sin City and tested their friendship in ways they never imagined. 

Luther (NR)
Luther follows his own moral code as much as the rules of the criminal law. Locked in a lethal battle of wits with mass murderer Alice, Luther's decision-making becomes increasingly murky. As he's drawn deeper and deeper into a series of horrific killings, the shadow of a former case threatens to bring him down. 

Short Term 12 (R)
Grace is a supervisor at a group home for troubled teens. Her difficult past, her fierce independence--and a distraught new arrival at the facility--create complications that push Grace and her boyfriend Mason to the brink. They come to embrace a surprising future together, discovering truth, humor and family in unexpected places along the way.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New This Week (1/23/14)

Blue Jasmine (PG-13)
Jasmine, a former New York socialite is teetering on an emotional tightrope, balancing between her troubled east coast past and a fresh start in San Francisco. Having moved into her sister's humble apartment, Jasmine ricochets between the tumultuous acceptance of her new limitations and the dreams of reclaiming her past life's glamour. Join a powerful cast for an intimate portrayal of the battle between fantasy and reality which rages within us all.

Captain Phillips (PG-13)
Based on a true story from 2009, the film focuses on the Maersk Alabama's commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips and the Somali pirate captain, Muse, who takes him hostage. The two men are set on an unstoppable collision course when Muse and his crew target Phillips' unarmed ship; in the ensuing standoff, both men will find themselves at the mercy of forces beyond their control.

Dexter (NR) 
VPL now has seasons 1-6!
Orphaned at the age of three and harboring a traumatic secret, Dexter was adopted by a Miami police officer who recognized his homicidal tendencies and taught him to channel his gruesome passion for human dissection in a "constructive" way—by killing only heinous criminals who have slipped through the justice system. To satisfy his interest in blood and to facilitate his own crimes, Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. Although his drive to kill is unflinching, he is able to emulate normal emotions and keep up his appearance as a socially-responsible human being.

In A World... (R)
Carol is an underachieving voice coach living in the shadow of her egotistical father Sam, the undisputed king of the voice-over industry. When Sam kicks her out, Carol lands her first voice-over job with the help of sound engineer Louis. As romantic sparks begin to fly, Carol finds herself facing a momentous decision when continued job offers put her in head to head competition with her dad.

The Spectacular Now (R)
Sutter Keely, a high school kid with effortless charm and the self-proclaimed "life-of-the-party," is having the perfect senior year--until he loses both his girlfriend and his part-time job. But when he meets Aimee, the "nice girl" next door, an unlikely romance begins as Sutter and Aimee struggle to overcome their differences and help each other through the many challenges of growing up.

You're Next (R)
Aubrey and Paul decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary by having a family reunion at their remote weekend estate. But things go awry when their home comes under siege by a mask-wearing team of assailants. The family has no idea who's attacking them, why, or if the attackers are inside or outside the house. All they know for certain is that nobody is safe.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New This Week (1/16/14)

The Butler (PG-13)
Inspired by a true story about Cecil Gaines, a devoted husband, father, and White House butler who served eight Presidential administrations during the turbulent politics and civil rights battles of twentieth century America. 

Carrie (R)
After merciless taunting from classmates and abuse at the hand of her mother, Carrie's anger, and her telekinetic powers, are unleashed. And when a prom prank goes horribly wrong, events spiral out of control until the terrifying conclusion of this powerful, pulse-quickening horror story.

Enough Said (PG-13)
Divorced mom Eva may be falling for Albert, a sweet, funny, like-minded divorced man. But as their relationship blossoms, Eva befriends Marianne, who's always complaining about her ex-husband. When Eva realizes that Albert is the target of Marianne's rants, she begins to question her own perceptions about first impressions and second chances. 

Fruitvale Station (R)
The true story of Oscar, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who wakes up on the morning of December 31, 2008 and feels something in the air. Not sure what it is, he takes it as a sign to get a head start on his resolutions: Being a better son to his mother, being a better partner to his girlfriend, and being a better father to T, their beautiful four-year-old daughter. He starts out well, but as the day goes on, he realizes that change is not going to come easy.

The Paradise Season 1 (NR)
Set amidst the Victorian splendor of Britain's first department store, The Paradise is a rags-to-riches story of a young girl who falls in love with the intoxicating charms of the modern world. As Denise finds her feet as a lowly shop girl, she must navigate her way through power struggles, intrigues, and affairs. When the shop's dashing and reckless owner, John Moray, spots her talents, she knows she can use this opportunity to rise to great things.

20 Feet From Stardom (PG-13)
They are the voices behind the greatest rock, pop and R&B hits of all time, but no one knows their names. Now, in this award-winning documentary, director Morgan Neville shines the spotlight on the untold stories of such legendary background singers as Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer, Judith Hill, and more.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New This Week (1/9/14)

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (R)
Mandy Lane is an untouchable Texas high-school beauty who is invited by her classmates to a weekend getaway at a secluded ranch. But as the sun goes down and the party rages on, the festivities take a disturbing turn. And for lovely Mandy Lane, a night of endless horror has just begun.

Copper Season Two (NR)
Set in New York City on the brink of Lincoln's assassination, Detective Kevin Corcoran struggles to tame the wartime metropolis while wrestling with personal demons. And when Tammany Hall's outspoken General Brendan Donovan returns from the Civil War to restore law and order to the Sixth Ward, loyalties will be bought and sold both uptown and in the slums of the Five Points, as Corcoran, and those around him, fight to find their places in an unforgiving city.

Despicable Me 2 (PG)
Just as Gru has given up being super-bad to be a super-dad, the Anti-Villain League recruits him to track down a new criminal mastermind and save the world. Partnered with secret agent Lucy Wilde, Gru, along with the wildly unpredictable Minions, must figure out how to keep his cover while also keeping up with with his duties as a father.

Doc Martin Series 6 (NR)
Even on his own wedding day, Dr. Martin Ellingham is all scowls. Then following a calamitous honeymoon, he and Louisa must learn to live together, raise a child, and manage two careers. It's a big adjustment for both, especially Martin, who's unaccustomed to clutter and noise. Factor in the Doc's usual string of batty patients and Martin is soon more ill-tempered than ever. 

Don Jon (R)
Jon Martello is a handsome, good old-fashioned guy known as Don Jon for his ability to bed beautiful women at will. Barbara Sugarman is a gorgeous, good old-fashioned girl raised on romantic movies, and she's determined to find her Prince Charming. Wrestling with expectations of the opposite sex, Jon and Barbara struggle against false fantasies to find true intimacy in this unexpected comedy.

Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13)
Hobbs has been tracking an organization of lethally skilled drivers, whose mastermind is aided by the love Dom thought was dead, Letty. The only way to stop the criminal mercenaries from stealing a top secret weapon is to outmatch them at street level, so Hobbs asks for the help of Dom and his elite team. Payment for the ultimate chase? Full pardons for all of them and a chance to make their families whole again.

Insidious Chapter 2 (PG-13)
How deep into the darkness will you go to discover the truth? The terrifying sequel to Insidious follows the haunted Lambert family as they seek to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world. They must rely on familiar allies to exile the demons that follow them and unearth the secret before the evil continues its deadly rampage.

Jobs (PG-13)
This inspiring and entertaining film chronicles Jobs' early days as a college dropout, his rise as the co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc., his forced departure from the company, and his return that single-handedly set a course turning the once-tiny startup into one of the world's most valuable companies. His epic journey blazes a trail that changes technology--and the world--forever. Jobs is a riveting story of a true American visionary, a man who let nothing stand in the way of greatness.

Prisoners (R)
Keller Dover's young daughter and her friend are missing, and panic has set in for both families as hours turn to days. Heading the investigation, Detective Loki arrests the only suspect, but a lack of evidence forces his release. As pressure mounts, Loki's team pursues multiple leads while a frantic Dover, knowing his child's life is at stake, decides he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

The Sound Of Music Live! (NR)
Maria, a vivacious young governess falls in love with straitlaced widower, Captain Von Trapp and his seven children and soon leads them all to embrace the joy of music and sing along, performed live.

Thanks For Sharing (R)
An unconventional romantic comedy that follows the topsy-turvy lives and loves of three obsessive characters, who embark on a life-changing journey filled with laughter and surprises.

Top Of The Lake (NR)
Tui, a 12 year-old girl, walks chest deep into the freezing waters of a South Island lake in New Zealand. She is five months pregnant and won't say who the father is. Then she disappears. Robin Griffin is a gutsy but inexperienced detective called in to investigate. But as Robin becomes more and more obsessed with the search for her, she slowly begins to realize that finding Tui is tantamount to finding herself--a self she has kept well hidden.