Thursday, September 17, 2015

New This Week (9/17/15)

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House of Cards : Volume Three (NR)
President Underwood fights to secure his legacy. Claire wants more than being the first lady. The biggest threat they face is contending with each other. Ruthless and cunning, Francis Underwood will stop at nothing to conquer the halls of power in Washington, D.C. His secret weapon: his gorgeous, ambitious, and equally conniving wife, Claire.

The Newsroom : The Complete Third Season (TV-MA)
The Newsroom team will fight for control of Atlantis Cable News Network (ACN), and manage the repercussions of Neal's receipt of confidential documents leaked by a mystery government source. As subpoenas are served and hostile-takeover rumors fly, the team redoubles its efforts to "do the news well" in an increasingly competitive digital universe.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

New This Week (9/3/15)

Call the library to check availability and request these new items:

Alex of Venice (R)
A workaholic attorney, Alex, is forced to reinvent her life after her husband suddenly leaves. While juggling a career case, a young son, and a father struggling with the effects of aging, Alex discovers both a vulnerability and inner strength she had not yet tapped into, all while holding her family together.

Aloha (PG-13)
A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs--Honolulu, Hawaii--and reconnects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog assigned to him.

Arizona (NR)
Phoebe Titus was a whip-carrying, rifle-toting hellion who single-handedly transformed a dirt-poor army outpost into Tucson, Arizona, the pride of the America West. When Peter Muncie moseys into Tucson, a love-struck Phoebe decides the handsome drifter's just the man to help her run her cattle ranch, the largest in the territory.

Big Game (PG-13)
A young thirteen-year-old embarks on a traditional quest in Finland. After witnessing a spectacular crash, he discovers the escape pod from Air Force One, containing the President of the United States. A group of kidnappers is hot on their trail with the intention of taking the president, and this unlikely duo must escape their hunters.

The Boy Next Door (R)
Claire Peterson, a high school literature teacher is struggling to get back into the dating game after separating from her cheating husband. Claire has a moment of weakness that leads to an extremely intense and intimate night with her 19-year-old neighbor. His attraction quickly turns into a dangerous, violent obsession, forcing Claire to her limits as she protects her world from being torn apart.

Chappie (R)
In the near future, crime is patrolled by an oppressive mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. Chappie is seen as a danger to mankind and order, and the police will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo and ensure that Chappie is the last of his kind.

Child 44 (R)
After a friend's son is found dead, Soviet secret-police officer Leo Demidov suspects his superiors are covering up the truth. When Leo dares to raise questions, he is demoted and exiled to a provincial outpost with his wife. There, Leo soon discovers other mysterious deaths with similar circumstances and convinces his new boss that a deranged serial killer is on the loose--and must be stopped before he strikes again.

Far From the Maddening Crowd (PG-13)
Bathsheba Everdene is an independent woman who attracts three different suitors: a sheep farmer; a dashing soldier; and a prosperous, older bachelor. This timeless story of Bathsheba's passions explores the nature of relationships, love, and resilience.

Focus (R)
Nicky is a seasoned master of misdirection who becomes involved with novice con artist Jess. As he's teaching her the tricks of the trade, she gets too close for comfort, and he breaks it off. Three years later, Jess--now an accomplished femme fetale--shows up in Buenos Aires, throwing Nicky off his game in the middle of his latest dangerous scheme.

Five Flights Up (PG-13)
Happily married couple, Ruth and Alex Carver, have decided to cash in on their sought-after Brooklyn apartment. After enlisting the help of Ruth's neice, real estate agent Lily, they're about to embark on a whirlwind weekend they never imagined. As a series of crazy events unfold and offers on the apartment fly, they'll find their unwavering love tested in surprising ways.

Hot Pursuit (PG-13)
Officer Cooper, an uptight and by-the-book cop, is trying to protect a federal witness, Daniella Riva, the vivacious and outgoing widow of a drug boss. As the two polar opposites race through Texas, they find themselves pursued by everyone from crooked cops to murderous gunmen. But their greatest obstacle to making it out alive may be themselves.

Life Inside Out (NR)
A stressed-out mother unexpectedly bonds with her offbeat son through music and open-mic nights at the local dive. Together they struggle through disappointments and broken hearts to unearth their dreams and develop stronger connections to the rest of their loved ones.

Mad Max Fury Road (R)
Haunted by his turbulent past, Max Rockatansky wanders alone until he's swept up with a group, led by Imperator Furiosa, fleeing across the Wasteland. In hot pursuit: a warlord who gathers his gangs and pursues the rebels ruthlessly, leading to a high-octane road war.

Paths to Glory (NR)
French General Staff passes down a direct order to Colonel Dax: take the Ant Hill at any cost. A blatant suicide mission, the attack is doomed to failure. Covering up their fatal blunder, the Generals arrest three innocent soldiers. Dax, a lawyer in civilian life, rises to defend the men but soon realizes that unless he can prove that the Generals' guilt, not much will save his clients.

The Runner (R)
In the aftermath of the BP oil spill, an idealistic but imperfect New Orleans politician's life and career are derailed by corruption, scandal, and deceit.

True Story (R)
After journalist Michael Finkel is fired from The New York Times for embellishing a story, he learned that accused murderer Christian Longo has been claiming to be him. Hoping this story will save his career, Finkel begins interviewing Longo in prison. But soon, the men find themselves in an eerie game of cat and mouse in this psychological drama.

Unfinished Business (R)
A hard-working entrepreneur travels to Europe with his two associates to close the most important business deal of their lives. But the journey quickly spins out of control as the hapless trio encounters all kinds of crazy obstacles, including Oktoberfest bar brawls, hotel foul-ups, foreign GPS directions, and a global fetish festival. In the end, these guys gone wild might just land the deal... if they can survive the trip.

The Walking Dead : The Complete Fifth Season (NR)
The previous season ended with Rick and the group outgunned, outnumbered, and trapped in a train car awaiting a grim fate. What follows is a story that weaves the true motives of the people of Terminus with the hopeful prospect of a cure in Washington, D.C., the fate of the group's lost comrades, as well as new locales, new conflicts, and new obstacles in keeping the group together and staying alive.