Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some quickie recommendations

Some quickie recommendations:


This is an interesting film about 2 people who are limping through life, who help each other in ways unforeseen but with a joyous outcome.

Monsoon Wedding

This is director Mira Nair’s exuberant film about a middle-class Indian family’s’ wedding for their daughter. It is full of life, joy, flowers, love, song, dance and beautiful dresses. I loved it!

Mighty Quinn

Terrific mystery set on a Caribbean island with Denzel Washington as the police chief and Robert Townsend as the suspected killer. Great fun!

Vantage Point

The story of a presidential assassination attempt is told from different points of view. This makes for a very exciting movie!

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation

This story takes place in 1970s Brazil when a dictator ruled the country and PelĂ© was a national hero. 12-yr. old Mauro is left to fend for himself when his parents go “on vacation.” This is a very nice coming-of-age story.


Having read a novel about the rape of Nanking I wanted to know what really happened. This documentary film is a story both of heroism and of tremendous tragedy. It will touch you deeply.

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