Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brideshead Revisited

A review from our magnificent webmistress, Judie Harren:

Having loved the book, I was determined to see this movie at the theater where the dark room and large screen would allow me to get lost in the story and the rich settings. I was not disappointed. Like Charles, the main character, I was in awe of the huge estate of his Oxford friend Sebastian and intrigued by the family and their complex agendas. Lady Marchmain, the strong-willed ruler of the family was beautifully played by Emma Thompson surrounded by a great cast throughout. It was a powerful and moving drama and a beautiful film to watch. Recommended for fans of historical literature.

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linda said...

Excellent job on the Movie Page. Something here to look forward to on a regular basis.

As to Judie Harren's review of Brideshead Revisited, I say to her, "Spot on!" She has summed up the experience very nicely. I went to the film expecting to be disappointed, and came away very pleased. Visually stunning, with characters so richly created and portrayed that you can't help but get caught up in their intrigues. Excellent job by the director in pulling all the elements of the film to one solid and coherent whole. A treat of a movie that left me thinking and pondering personal ethical struggles, religion and how it is felt and used, etc. If you are looking for a solid period piece, I think you'll enjoy Brideshead Revisited.

Good work Julie and Judie. Will look forward to following your thoughts and insights in the future.