Thursday, September 30, 2010

New this week (9/29/10):

Amish Grace
When a tragedy takes the lives of five Amish schoolgirls in Pennsylvania, Ida, the mother of one of the girls, faces a profound test of faith. As she begins to feel like an outsider within her own community, Ida must decide whether or not to stay with the Amish, and her beloved husband.

Death Sentence (2007)
Nick seems to have the perfect life, until one night he witnesses something that changes him forever. Now consumed by grief, he realizes that there is nothing he wouldn't do to protect his family.

Get Him to the Greek
The intern of a record company finds himself with both his dream job and biggest nightmare, when he is assigned to retrieve a British rock star and get him to his concert in time.

Iron Man 2
Now that the world knows billionaire inventor Tony Stark is the armored super hero Iron Man, his life has suddenly become even more intense. Everyone wants in on the Iron Man technology, whether for power or profit, but for Ivan Vanko, it's revenge. With Pepper Potts and James 'Rhodey' Rhodes at his side, Stark must once again suit up and face his most dangerous enemy yet.

Former special operative MacGruber is called back to action when his enemy declares that he will destroy Washington, D.C., with a nuclear weapon.

Through a Dog’s Eyes (636.708 THR)
This film is an in-depth look at the relationship between dogs and humans, and how service dogs have helped to better the lives of disabled men and women.

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