Thursday, January 13, 2011

New this week:

Cairo Time
Juliette, a magazine editor, arrives in Cairo to meet her husband Mark, a U.N. official in Gaza. When he is unavoidably delayed, Mark sends his friend and former security officer Tareq to show her around the city. As she gets used to the customs and rhythm of life in Cairo, she finds herself falling not only for the city's charms, but for Tareq as well.

Dombey and Son
Set amid the teeming bustle of Victorian England, Dombey and Son is Dickens's story of a powerful man whose coldhearted neglect of his family causes his professional and personal downfall.

Love’s Unending Legacy
Two years after the death of her husband, Missie knows that it is time to move on. She heads home with her son to be near her parents and to return to teaching. Certain she will never find love again, Missie redirects her feelings and when the "orphan train" arrives in town, she adopts Belinda, a feisty young teenager who's arrived with a secret. As Missie struggles with raising Belinda, she finds she is falling for the local sheriff who might be the only man who can help her save Belinda... and herself.

‘Round Midnight (1986)
‘Round Midnight dramatizes the friendship between an aging alcoholic jazz musician and a young French jazz fan and is inspired by the real-life friendship between jazz pianist Budd Powell and Francis Paudras. “The film's beautiful original score was composed by jazz giant Herbie Hancock (who rightly won an Oscar for his work). Its interpretation by non-actor/musician extraordinaire Dexter Gordon is what makes Round Midnight truly special. Tavernier understands how momentous it is to have a real jazz legend playing real music in his film instead of an actor aping a performance to a recorded track….More than simply the tragic story of a man rapidly approaching his own midnight, Tavernier's movie is about jazz itself.”—

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