Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics

Shelly Zegart began as a quilt collector but has since become a leading advocate in the promotion of quilts as art and as vital historical records. In this nine episode series which was aired on selected PBS stations, Ms Zegart reveals to us through photographs and interviews just how essential quilts are in studying American culture. Historically, quilts have provided a window into the lives and thoughts of their makers. This is particularly true regarding the lives of women, including women of different classes, races, and religions. Quilting has always been an acceptable outlet for ideas and creativity. Some quilt makers have become well known for their work, becoming accepted as artists. Today there are millions of quilters supporting a hugely profitable business worldwide. Quilts are hung in art museums and command premium prices for collectors. Zegart convinces us absolutely that quilts do matter in this compelling and visually rich series. Beyond the film is the website where information on all of the photographs can be found. This is a wonderful series and will be enjoyed by anyone interested in quilts.

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