Friday, March 30, 2012

What I’ve been watching:

Bill Cunningham New York
This is a film about a man who is obsessed with fashion and who just happens to have the perfect job in which to indulge this obsession. It’s a wonderful film and I’ve never seen a happier person than Bill seems to be.

This was a fantastic film—violent but really good. It has a calm, quiet, slow pace matching the personality of the main character. Gosling is great, Bryan Cranston is practically unrecognizable, and Albert Brooks as the bad guy is surprisingly believable. I loved it!

My Week with Marilyn
I don’t normally like bio-pics so I didn’t see this one in the theatre even though I am a fan of Marilyn Monroe. However, unlike most bio-pics, this one is about Colin Cook with Monroe as a secondary character. This gave it an interesting perspective which I really liked. Michele Williams did an incredible job portraying the fragility, changeability and sadness of Monroe. The music was fantastic. I loved the film!

Take Shelter 
The sky is doing very strange things. Is it a sign of a coming apocalypse? Or is our hero going insane? This was a quiet but respectful film showing the effect of a possible mental illness on a man’s life and that of his family.

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