Monday, July 16, 2012

New this week:

American Reunion
The whole American Pie gang returns to East Great Falls for the first time since their legendary senior year to turn their reunion into the most unforgettable weekend since high school. Old friends will reconnect, old flames will reignite, and everyone will rediscover just how much fun you can pack into one outrageous reunion.

Being Flynn
A young man aspiring to be a writer but struggling with insecurities and direction in his life takes a job at a Boston homeless shelter where he unexpectedly discovers his father, an ex-convict and self-proclaimed poet.

Mozart’s Sister (French)
This is a re-imagined account of the early life of Maria Anna 'Nannerl' Mozart, five years older than Wolfgang and a musical prodigy in her own right. Originally the featured performer, Nannerl has given way to Wolfgang as the main attraction, as their strict but loving father Leopold tours his talented offspring in front of the royal courts of pre-French revolution Europe.

Stronger Seniors: Chair Exercise Program: Core Fitness
This DVD is designed to help seniors and the mobility-challenged develop strength and flexibility, enhancing the ability to function in daily life. Core Fitness is specially designed to strengthen your abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor muscles: those which support your spine and internal organs - the foundation of your body. Exercising the core is essential to good posture and balance. If you ignore these muscle groups, the risk of kyphosis, osteoporosis, and other chronic disease is increased.

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