Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New This Week (8/7/13)

Weapons of War: US Navy Carriers (Not Rated)      
This DVD traces the fascinating rise of the biggest warships the world has ever known.  Find out how US air power evolved from early biplanes landing on converted battleships to sophisticated warplanes on enormous modern supercarriers.  Discover everything you need to know about the most powerful and flexible war machines in existence, and why the first question the president is likely to ask in an international crisis is, “Where is the nearest carrier?”
Exile (2011) (Not Rated)
After his successful London career implodes, journalist Tom Ronstadt returns to his hometown in Lancashire for the first time in 18 years and finds his father Sam in the grip of Alzheimer’s.  This once formidable man and Tom’s childhood hero is now being cared for by his younger sister Nancy.  Tom is determined to unravel the mystery that drove him away from home all those years ago, but he becomes increasingly frustrated with his father’s failure to remember.  He persists, unaware that he is unearthing a devastating crime that will reveal secretes he never could have imagined. 
A Mind to Kill (Series 1) (Not Rated)
Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Noel Bain, a man who looks back fondly to the days when policing involved chasing villains, playing rugby and drinking beer. However, he has come to realise that contemporary policing imposes dilemmas that no training manual could ever anticipate. He is a man out of time and seeks to protect the old way of life, and what he believes are important traditional values.
MI-5/Spooks (Series 6) (Not Rated)
The primary storyline of Series 6 follows Iran seeking the ability to manufacture its own nuclear weapons and searching for sellers of nuclear armaments components. The governments of several nations (principally the United States and its CIA, Russia's FSB, and a shadowy third organisation composed of disenfranchised members of other agencies, including MI5) are woven throughout the plot. Simon Abkarian plays the Iranian Special Counsel liaising with the various governments, Agni Scott as his wife, Matthew Marsh as the CIA station chief, and Robert Glenister as the British Home Secretary, all have recurring roles throughout the series.
Special Branch (1969-74) (Not Rated)
This gritty, realistic police procedural focuses on the Special Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police-a force dedicated to stopping terrorist activities and countering espionage in the nation’s capital.  With an exceptional cast that includes George Sewell, Patrick Mower, and Richard Leech, Special Branch is a suspenseful ride through the underbelly of Britain’s international affairs. 
Vera (Not Rated)
The central character is Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope. Who is obsessive about her work and driven by her own demons. If she's lonely she doesn't show it and faces the world with caustic wit, guile and courage. Her trusted and long suffering colleague is Sergeant Joe Ashworth. Together they approach every new case with unparalleled gusto and professionalism.
Wycliffe (Series 1) (Not Rated)
When murder strikes in Cornwall, Detective Superintendant Wycliffe is there to solve it.  Always calm, but serious, the quick-thinking detective works tirelessly, his mind piecing together each crime with breakneck speed and dead-on accuracy.  He can spot a liar at a glance and no suspect is spared his ruthless interrogation.  Each time Wycliffe and his team of investigators  arrive on the scene, the drama unfolds and suspense heightens as they close in on the guilty and swiftly become a killer’s worst nightmare. 
The Wyvern Mystery (Not Rated)
After precipitating the death of a tenant with whom he has been feuding, Squire Fairfield brings the dead man's young daughter to live in Wyvern Manor. Alice grows up thinking the squire is her kind benefactor, and falls in love with one of his two sons. When the squire makes his romantic intentions known to Alice, she and Charles elope, incurring the wrath of his father. They avoid the squire by living in an outlying estate where their baby is born. Charles is attacked by a mysterious woman who literally comes out of the woodwork, and the baby is moved to the home of an acquaintance of Harry, the squire's other son. Alice faces the loss of her child and possible loss of her husband amid the gloomy home she feels trapped in, surrounded by secrets and mysteries and wondering who she can really trust.

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