Thursday, August 7, 2014

New This Week (8/7/14)

Use the link in the titles or call the library to check availability and request these new items:

Bad Words (R)
Guy Trilby, a 40-year-old who finds a loophole in the rules of The Golden Quill national spelling bee, decides to cause trouble by hijacking the competition. As a reporter attempts to discover his true motivation, Guy finds himself forging and unlikely alliance with a competitor: awkward 10-year-old Chaitanya, who is completely unfazed by Guy's take-no-prisoners approach to life.

Divergent (PG-13)
Society has been divided into five distinct factions. Not fitting into any faction, Tris is Divergent, and that makes her dangerous. Targeted by a faction leader determined to eliminate all Divergents, Tris turns to one person she can trust: Four, an instructor for the militant Dauntless faction, and a man full of dark secrets. Together, Tris and Four uncover a mind-bending conspiracy that will put their courage to the ultimate test... and forever link their destinies.

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