Monday, December 29, 2008

Rain Shadow

I review films for Library Journal occasionally. This is one they sent me:

In 2007 the mini-series Rain Shadow appeared on Australian TV. The series starred Rachel Ward as a veterinarian in a small Australian farming community and Victoria Thaine as the young vet sent to assist her. In the story, the town, Paringa, has endured a 10-year drought and is facing a disease among the area sheep herds which could destroy the area economically if it became known to the outside world. Into this tense situation the two vets struggle both to build a relationship and to save the community. Filmed entirely on location, the cinematography is outstanding. The stark landscapes are backed by a musical score provided by a South Australian blues/roots band. The special features include a Behind-the-scenes featurette; interviews with cast and crew; notes on the musical score; and a Rachel Ward biography. With the gorgeous landscapes, great acting, interesting and often quirky characters, and the authentic feel of the film, this film is recommended for general audiences.

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