Thursday, May 21, 2009

New this week:

Circle of Deceit
(German—1981) Grateful for a respite from his imploding marriage, Hamburg newspaperman Georg arrives in civil war torn Beirut to chronicle the bloody Lebanese war. Inside a shell-pitted hotel, Georg and colleague Hoffman, join a cynical international coterie of competitive fellow journalists. Outside, they take their lives in their own hands, dodging bullets and conducting interviews that are always just a trigger pull away from becoming executions. “Volker Schlöndorff's harrowing tale of civil war in Beirut is as perfect a film as has been made about an international hot-spot. Filmed in the city even as fighting raged on all sides, it's a fascinating piece of modern truth that should be seen by anyone with an open mind about how such wars - Beirut, Kosovo, perhaps soon Bagdad - operate.”—Glenn Erickson,

Life and Nothing But
(French—1989) Directed by Bertrand Tavernier in 1989 Life and Nothing But is a very assured French film about a Major in the French Army during World War I who is assigned to find and identify soldiers who are missing in action. In the process he encounters a woman searching for her husband. Over time they develop an interesting albeit stormy rapport with one another.

A former spy relies on his old skills to save his kidnapped daughter, who has been forced into the slave trade. “"Taken" is easily, the most satisfying movie, I've seen in the theater this year. For those wanting a well made action film that is a good throwback to the take no prisoners film of decades past, but at the same time features an extremely competent lead, who takes his role seriously, "Taken" will be sure to entertain.”—

Based on the incredible true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and his ingenious assassination plot targeting Adolf Hitler, this engrossing thriller reenacts the daring operation to eliminate one of the most evil tyrants the world has ever known.

Homage to Chagall : The Colours of Love
This is a portrait of Russian painter Marc Chagall, with photographs of over 300 of his paintings, murals and stained glass windows. Also includes interviews with the artist and his wife.

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