Friday, April 1, 2011

What I’ve been watching:

Exit Through the Gift Shop
This is a film about graffiti artists. A Frenchman from L.A. who was an avid videographer travelled around the U.S. and Europe filming graffiti artists at work. He attempted to put his footage together into a documentary but what he made was an ADD mess. So Banksy, a famous British graffiti artist, suggested he put down his camera and create his own art which is what he did. You can decide whether or not he gives graffiti artists a bad name. I found this to be a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening film.

Love the Beast
This film was made by actor Eric Bana about the love of his life—his first car, a Ford XB Falcon Coupe, “The Beast.” He spent his adolescence working on the car with his mates (he’s Australian) and continues to work on the car, to prepare it for racing in the Targa Tasmania, again with his mates. I love watching people talk about their passions and that’s what this film does—it is a film full of passion. Whether you like cars and racing or not you can’t help but share his joy for his beloved Beast.

Two in the Wave
I have loved foreign films since I saw my first one when I was a senior in high school and French films are my favorite--particularly the films of François Truffaut. This film is about the relationship between Truffaut and director Jean Luc Godard, both of whom were largely responsible for the New Wave movement in French films of the 60’s. This film is particularly relevant for those interested in the history of film. I found it fascinating.

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