Friday, April 29, 2011

What I've been watching:

Recommended by one of my patrons, this was a sweet little sports film. Hugh Dancy stars as a young man whose inherited wealth has left him with little ambition in life but to have fun. When his girlfriend leaves him because his life is going nowhere he sets out to find a job. Having no qualifications for anything but with a love of soccer he takes a job as a middle school soccer coach. Surprisingly enough, the job is a good fit. There are a lot of clichés in this film but Dancy is extremely likeable as are the kids and the clichés are not too offensive so it was an enjoyable way to spend time.

Compassionate Sex
Recommended by the same patron, this film was on the crazy side. The film opens with Manolo leaving his wife Dolores because she is too perfect—she spends her days doing good deeds. She seeks help from the priest: she doesn’t know how to sin. She sets to work in her friends bar when a troubled man comes in. His wife has cheated on him; he can’t understand what she has done and he thinks his marriage is doomed. So Dolores tells him that if he cheated on his wife then he would understand and could forgive her thereby saving their marriage. She helps him with this solution and so begins her new life as Lolita: the woman who helps troubled men by providing compassionate sex. Wild enough for you?! It’s a bit silly but it was a fun film.

Fair Game
This political thriller was about the life and marriage of exposed CIA agent Valerie Plame. It started out slow and a bit confusing showing the woman at her job but built up in suspense and interest once she was exposed, let go, and her husband begins a public protest against the government. As political thrillers go you’d be better off watching All the Presidents Men again or one of my other favorites, Enemy of the State.

I Love You Phillip Morris
This is an interesting little film. It’s a bit like a cross between Catch Me if You Can and Love Story (a gay version). Jim Carrey (who I normally don’t like because I think he overacts) is quite good as Steven Russell, a con artist. In jail he meets the love of his life, Phillip Morris, downplayed by Ewan McGregor (who I really do like). The film is based on a true story. Russell, as played by Carrey, is such a good con man that you never really know who or what the real Steven Russell is which makes Phillip Morris very sympathetic because he doesn’t know either. In fact, Russell himself doesn’t know who he is; all he knows is that he loves Phillip Morris. Because all of his crimes are victimless, Russell truly is a loveable guy who is just able to take advantage of every situation in which he finds himself. It’s hard to not like him, and Phillip, a sensitive guy who has been used and abused by many a lover is also likeable. In the end, that makes this a rather bittersweet love story. I liked it.

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