Monday, June 30, 2008


Every month I try to write short recommendations for DVDs in our collection to help advertise them. These are my selections for this month:

Genghis Blues 791.43 GEN
A blind blues singer travels to Tuva to participate in a throat-singing contest. This is a terrific film about how we communicate with music. Magnificent!

Love, Ludlow
An odd couple love story where the couple have to learn to be together in the company of her mentally ill brother. The film is refreshing and a joy to watch!

The Mystery of Picasso 759.6 PIC
Picasso is seated on one side of a glass canvas, the camera on the other. We see the lines as they develop into a painting. Declared a national treasure of France.

Wire in the Blood
Robson Green stars as Dr. Tony Hill a forensic psychologist who works with the police to solve serial killings. Absorbing and exciting but not for the squeamish!

The Grand
British miniseries; 1920’s; great costumes and settings. It’s like Upstairs, Downstairs with the guests, the owners and the servants. It is a very enjoyable series.

Enchanted J DVD
This is a very silly film but by blending the good things about the fantasy world and the good things about the real world they succeeded in making it very romantic as well.

This is a terrifically silly comedy with Eddie Murphy at his best in a dual role. It’s a great spoof of low budget film-making and because it’s directed by Frank Oz (the voice of Miss Piggy) it’s also a comedy with a big heart. Laugh it up with this one!

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