Thursday, October 16, 2008

This week on the new book truck

War, Inc.
“"War, Inc." is a brave and ambitious but chaotic attempt at political satire. The targets: the war in Iraq, and the shadowy role of Vice President Dick Cheney's onetime corporate home Halliburton in the waging of the war.”—Roger Ebert

A widow is driving the ashes of her late husband from their home in Idaho to his funeral in Santa Barbara. She brings along her two best friends, one a strict Mormon who sneaks sips of coffee when no one's looking, and another who lost her teaching job because she advocated birth control at school and who misses having a man in her life. Great cast!

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull
This is the fourth in the Indiana Jones series. Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) says “Harrison Ford can still rock a fedora and a bullwhip like nobody's business as the globe-trotting archaeologist.”

The library always accepts donated films. If we don’t have it and it at least looks interesting—we’ll take it! These are some of our recent generous donations.

Blue Butterfly
The Blue Butterfly tells the story of a terminally ill 10-year-old boy whose dream is to catch the most beautiful butterfly on Earth, the mythic and elusive Blue Morpho. His mother persuades a renowned entomologist to take them on a trip to the jungle to search for the butterfly, leading to an adventure that will transform their lives.—

Fight Club
The Fight Club is a secret society of men who meet in order to find freedom and self-realization through beating one another into pulp. This one’s an audience favorite.

Emmanuel’s Gift
An inspirational movie about an inspiring figure: Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah of Ghana. Emmanuel, born into poverty with a severely deformed and twisted right leg, is a young man whose hardship seems monumental, but whose final triumphs are awesome.

Heaven’s Burning
Tells the story of a man and a woman who are inexplicably thrown together, amid violence and chaos. They quickly find themselves on the run from many adversaries, but find time to fall in love along the way.—

Tales of the Future
With: Things to come (1936), Metropolis (1927), The Lost World (1925) and newer titles like Slipstream (1989)
Classic science fiction films all in one box! If you only watch one of these great sci-fi films, watch Metropolis. It is possibly the greatest SF film ever and inspired the look and feel of SF films to the present time.

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